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We bring you regulatory documentation that complies with global standards!

Magnentum Inc. is a joint venture of ADI Group and Ken Robinson in the domain of global medical communication and clinical trial regulatory services. Driven by the innovation, passion and experience of industry experts, we offer the pharmaceutical industry with expert medical communication solutions for drug development needs – from study design through to the final submission. Our company has extensive experience and is well acquainted with multiple approaches to documenting clinical trials in over 100 regulatory submissions including NDAs, MAAs, marketing applications in Asia, background packages, and a full range of other clinical documents required at various stages for regulatory submissions.

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Medical Communication

Writing is a talent that many are blessed with but, in the sphere of medical writing anything less than ‘expertise’ does not suffice!…Read More


Medical Writing

The development of documentation and protocols is extremely important, and our fifteen year experience in the field has given us the insight to develop these faster and more accurately.…Read More


3D Medical Animation

Whether you’re presenting to stakeholders, or selling the finished product to customers, a picture can convey a message in ways that no amount of words ever will!…Read More

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