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Ken Robinson, the founder of Magnentum, is a veteran of the world of pharmaceutical/medical documentation. In nearly 30 years of commitment to establishing and refining excellent work processes and creating highest quality documents he has mastered various roles, from writing most types of clinical regulatory documents to supervising the preparation of clinical documentation that meets global standards. Ken helped establish and direct writing groups at Sterling Winthrop, Sanofi, DuPont Merck, DuPont Pharmaceuticals, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Since 2008 he has been the President of Robinson RegDocs. Inc., writing clinical documents, and supervising and mentoring teams of writers. Ken is a thorough driver of efficiency and has a knack for tapping the best human potential, much of which reflects his hands-on experience in the teaching profession before venturing into the world of pharmaceuticals.

Ken has utilized his skills in international settings, helping companies formulate and manage time saving plans for documentation and submissions. Trained in advanced writing, reviewing and presentation techniques to meet the needs of health agency reviewers, he has written clinical study reports, Common Technical Document summaries, background documents for meetings with health authorities, investigator brochures, risk evaluation and management plans, pediatric investigation plans, safety updates and responses to health authority questions.

An Idea catalyst and an exemplary leader, Mr. Maneet Singh stands tall with his 15 years of vast experience in Medical KPO, Clinical Research, Data Management, Turn-key Project Consulting and Telecommunication. His biggest strength lies in his profound understanding; discuss a problem with him and he justifies within minutes why the industry has named him ‘The Solution person’. His 20 year experience and expertise in all matters pharmaceutical, healthcare, IT and medical animation has seen Mr. Singh build various companies from start-up to market leader corporate level.


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