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Medical Communication

Ground breaking developments in the field of medicine are built on endless struggles of drug manufacturers. Every pharma professional seeking market approval for a new drug or approval to conduct new clinical trials can certainly relate to this.

We are Magnentum and our medical communication services are just what you need to catalyze the approval process to set your drug plan in motion!

Our team of expert medical writers employs its finest capabilities through focused processes to manage all your needs. Each on-board member is up-to-date with changing laws and industry regulations, even those variant to different countries. This makes our team well equipped with the skills necessary to manage the transcendence of your drug plan from pre-clinical to clinical trials and developments.

This isn’t all! With much more to offer, our writers are fully conversant in crucial regulatory guidelines, including the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH). The final document thus delivered to you is compelling, the best possible case for your product. With the likes of FDA Reviewers, study investigators and staff as your primary audience, this is just what any clinical/regulatory writing should be about to significantly increase your chances for both trial and marketing approval and acceptance by global health authorities.

Our medical writing and communication experts can help you with:

  1. Comprehensively compiled Therapeutic Areas & Disease Studies that offer meaningful insights

  2. Patient narratives that add momentum to clinical trials for better diagnosis and devising improved solutions

  3. Impeccable on-site congress support

  4. Abstract posters & manuscripts disseminating research studies as comprehensible visuals

  5. Primary & secondary data manuscripts prompting high-value dataset analysis of research information

We implore you to bank upon us for credible and deadline assured solutions as our experts sift through every possible source to furnish fact-based detailed documentation, from Common Technical Document (CTD) to annual reports.

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