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    Medical Writing

    High quality, ICH-compliant regulatory documents
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    Scientific communication

    Succinct presentations that don’t just communicate; they capture the reader’s interest
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    Protocol Design

    Custom-built protocols, precise and consistent
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    Bibliographical Search

    Expertise in finding, collating, and summarizing the data you need
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    SOP Development

    For faster and easier execution of projects
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    Case Report Form Design

    Record your data clearly and easily

Welcome to Magnentum

We bring you regulatory documentation that complies with global standards!

Magnentum Inc. is a Joint Venture of ADI Group and Ken Robinson in the domain of Clinical Trial Regulatory Services. Driven by the innovation, passion and experience of industry experts, Magnentum offers the pharmaceutical industry expert solutions for drug development needs – from study design through the final submission. Magnentum has extensive experience and is well acquainted with multiple approaches to documenting clinical trials in over 100 regulatory submissions including NDAs, MAAs, marketing applications in Asia, background packages, and a full range of other clinical documents required at various stages for regulatory submissions.
Our founder, Ken Robinson has nearly 30 years of experience preparing and directing the preparation of regulatory documents in several large pharmaceutical companies. Magnentum through its affiliate at ADI Group, has significant experience working on over 100,000 clinical trial analytics and covers an extensive range of therapeutic areas including analgesics, antibiotics, anti-hypertensives, anti-virals, cardiovascular agents, lipid-lowering agents, oncologics, osteoporosis agents, vaccines, agents to treat autoimmune diseases, and imaging agents.

For more information and to arrange a presentation of our capabilities please contact us at: